VAT in France

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VAT in France

Post by atoutprix on Fri 24 Jul 2009 - 17:41

It is the first time that I book French domestic flights, Lille to Marseille and back. The Visa fee was not the usual 10,00 euros, but a little bit more. Strange ...
I first got the usual confirmation message and, a few days later, another message, a "receipt".
I learned that I had paid a VAT of 5,50 % !
Is there a VAT on other domestic flights ? Not in Ireland, but perhaps in Italy ?

Tarif & Taxes (TVA inclue 5.5%) EUR9.98
Charges (TVA inclue 5.5%) EUR10.55
Total Price (Prix Total ) EUR20.53
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Re: VAT in France

Post by j2op on Sun 26 Jul 2009 - 22:39

Italy has for example a online check-in fee of 6 euros for domestic flights (5+20%VAT) in place of 5 on abroad connections
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