HELP : how to add infants to already booked flights

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HELP : how to add infants to already booked flights

Post by kenyaprince on Fri 31 Jul 2009 - 17:07

am about to book flights for myself and my partner to Uk in December
with RyanAir (booking now to get cheap flights) but in October I'm due
to have my 1st baby!!! No where can I find information on RyanAir's web
site about adding infants on ALREADY BOOKED flights!!! I know I will
need to obtain a passport for 'Junior' before I book 'him/her' on but
I'm concerned at how much notice they need and also how to add them on
to booking when you don't seem to be able to contact RyanAir by phone
or e-mail???!!! Has anybody else had a similar experience? I know it is
a long way off but I don't want to book if a problem is going to occur
later on!
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