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servisair take the P

Post by Ryanairflyer on Thu 15 Oct 2009 - 1:54

flew EGCC-EIDW yesterday 13:45 fr555, me and the mrs as usual took our place about 4th in the other q lol nothing new there ... 2 youngsters appear 5 mins before boarding and stand in the priority q with cheapo other Q passes. Because they were so cheeky and turned up so late.. i thought i'd leave it to the handling staff to advise them they are in the wrong queue... during the wait the couple are talking to the staff at the gate as if they new each other... well... we begin to board.. the priorty Q first.. the couple hand the staff their other Q passes and the staff let them through.. .. i questioned the staff and i was told they are handling staff with servisair so they have priority...." what a load of rubbish" i said.. and explained even pilots dont get a drink from ryanair.. never mind ryanair giving servisair special permissions... I questioned all 3 staff at the gate and they all looked at me like i was wrong but they still insisted servisair employees... not in work ...can jump the queue and even worse only hold a other Q pass while standing with priority passengers... at least they heard my opinion and i voiced my views to their scam and it was a scam i'm sure... do handling staff get this privelidge from ryanair .. any views. I should have caught this on my mobile phone audio n video if i did i could send a copy to MOL ... well i think it wrong.. the handling staff created a bad vibe for nothing.
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