Database problems --> Wrong prices at

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Database problems --> Wrong prices at

Post by Mic on Mon 16 Nov 2009 - 0:26

Sometimes the database with the prices don't give the right price.
For example: When you want to fly from Liverpool to Bremen in January you pay the maximum price of € 289!
On all of these trips there are at least 25 seats still available.

Ryanair;Liverpool (LPL);Bremen (BRE);di, 12 jan;15:15;17:55;2h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Liverpool (LPL);Bremen (BRE);do, 14 jan;15:15;17:55;2h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Liverpool (LPL);Bremen (BRE);za, 16 jan;19:20;22:00;2h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Liverpool (LPL);Bremen (BRE);di, 19 jan;15:15;17:55;2h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Liverpool (LPL);Bremen (BRE);do, 21 jan;15:15;17:55;2h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Liverpool (LPL);Bremen (BRE);za, 23 jan;19:20;22:00;2h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Liverpool (LPL);Bremen (BRE);di, 26 jan;15:15;17:55;2h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Liverpool (LPL);Bremen (BRE);do, 28 jan;15:15;17:55;2h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Liverpool (LPL);Bremen (BRE);za, 30 jan;19:20;22:00;2h 40;289,48;EUR

Ryanair;Bremen (BRE);Liverpool (LPL);di, 12 jan;14:10;14:50;0h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Bremen (BRE);Liverpool (LPL);do, 14 jan;14:10;14:50;0h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Bremen (BRE);Liverpool (LPL);za, 16 jan;18:15;18:55;0h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Bremen (BRE);Liverpool (LPL);di, 19 jan;14:10;14:50;0h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Bremen (BRE);Liverpool (LPL);do, 21 jan;14:10;14:50;0h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Bremen (BRE);Liverpool (LPL);za, 23 jan;18:15;18:55;0h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Bremen (BRE);Liverpool (LPL);di, 26 jan;14:10;14:50;0h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Bremen (BRE);Liverpool (LPL);do, 28 jan;14:10;14:50;0h 40;289,48;EUR
Ryanair;Bremen (BRE);Liverpool (LPL);za, 30 jan;18:15;18:55;0h 40;289,48;EUR

Also sometimes you have the chance to book flights for € 0.
This was the case at 9 oct between 1 AM and 10 AM, see

Does anybody has more examples of these database problems?
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Re: Database problems --> Wrong prices at

Post by EchoVictorOscar on Mon 16 Nov 2009 - 1:18

The prices are high because, as you yourself said, there are only 25 seats remaining. The fewer seats there are, the higher the price will be. This is common knowledge. It's the simple rules of supply and demand.

Imo, this thread is pointless. You ranted about the 'database problems' in another thread as well. There is no database problem.
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