EasyJet full year results

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EasyJet full year results

Post by atoutprix on Wed 18 Nov 2009 - 12:22

Not a very good year (ending 30 sept 09) for easyJet, profits down by more than 60 % :


Ryanair comment :

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Re: EasyJet full year results

Post by j2op on Tue 1 Dec 2009 - 10:23

From http://www.ryanair.com/en/news/gen-en-171109-2
"The only reason why EasyJet is able to carry 45m passengers is because
many of these people could not get seats on Ryanair's fully booked

Dear MOL
You are one of my best friends when I travel but you know you are just saying nonsense.
When your plane is almost full booked your price is for instance NOT 30ú!!! Also it's true that's easyjet, when the plane is medium full gives you more than FR does: No weight restriction on hand luggage, better food and also, the most important thing, the most times better airports.For instance LIN-LGW is better than BGY-LTN MXP-AMS is completely different than BGY-EIN...While between MXP and BGY there is quite no difference (mxp is slighlty closer, 5-7 min, but BGY has better landing facilities, less strikes...) between AMS and EIN there are a lot.
In my opinion also the seats are just a bit better even if the pitch is an inch less than fr's pitch. I admit I prefer flying in an airbus than in a 737 even if the conditions are nearly the same.
But I am a fan of my wallet, and I will never say thank you enough to mol &friends: I've seen a lot of europe for very very very low fares and even going to home is cheap altough through EIN or even NRN.
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