boading pass printed without Passport/ID number

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boading pass printed without Passport/ID number

Post by danek on Wed 23 Dec 2009 - 2:04

Entered his passport details
while checking-in, but got my boarding pass printed without the
details. It surprised me because I found my previous one with the
details printed. I have worried so I phoned ryanair
call centre in Dublin yesterday and was informed that last Friday(18th
December) they changed the system a bit and boarding passes have been
being printed without passport/ID details. I was also told that airport
staff has been informed about the changes so there should not be any
problems with boarding. Unfortunately ryanair website does not say
anything about the changes. When I phoned an airport they don't know
anything about it. So I do not know finally what's going on.

Does anybody know anything about it?
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Re: boading pass printed without Passport/ID number

Post by atoutprix on Wed 23 Dec 2009 - 15:11

I have just printed two boarding passes and, as you have pointed out, there figure only the name and nationality, no detail about the passport/ID - before, there was the passport number and its expiry date, if I remember well.
I guess they know what they do - and the gate agents at the airports no doubt will soon be aware of the change.
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