Why moan at Ryanair for charging for check in...

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Why moan at Ryanair for charging for check in...

Post by Mushroom on Sun 17 Jan 2010 - 18:49

Just been reading the Leeds Bradford airport website, and there is an article about Thomas Cook, and web check in. They are charging £6 per person per sector for you to check in online, yes you are guaranteed seats together, so thats £12! Then you have the option of the 'extra leg room seats' at £23.50 per sector per flight, total of £47 EACH!

Now lets compare that to Ryanair, you pay for a return online check in, £10. Priority boarding, booked ahead of time, return, £8 but if brought on the day at the airport £5 each way. You just need to get to the front of the queue of priority, and then you are guaranteed an exit seat. So £18 (£20) spent only! So better off going to Ryanair I feel!

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