Pisa trip

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Pisa trip

Post by ellen timmermans on Mon 1 Feb 2010 - 21:22

hey all,

My friend and i are going to Firenze. So we have booked a flight to Pisa ( 26/3/2010 - 12.10 landing at Pisa airport) and departing on monday 29 at 20.00 at Pisa airport)
We will take a terravision bus to take us to Firenze. I suppose this is the easiest and cheapest way.

But i am also thinking about going to Pisa on monday, just before we catch the plane...
how far is the airport from the central square (leaning tower)? and what are the possibilities to get there?

places where you can keep your luggage? (just 2 trolleys)

PS: something of topic, i have allready booked many trips with ryanair, but today was the first time i had to pay administration costs for visa. Didnt make me very happy. :-(
costed 20 euro for 2 persons.

thanks, ellen
ellen timmermans
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Re: Pisa trip

Post by ringstaartmaki on Mon 1 Feb 2010 - 22:38

Hi Ellen,

Did a Pisa trip in december,my first ryanair flight ever!
From the airport it's a 45min WALK to the central square PIAZZA MIRACOLI ,from the airport you can take also a bus who will bring you directly to the square
in 5 min and which cost you 1 EUR/ps.
The tower is really amazing to see,very 'scheef',you can go up for 15eur(leave bags behind-buildings in the back for free),don't forget the grave-yard very special also!
I should say,go by bus and come back to the airport by walk,from the square you pass a lot of nice and cheap cafés,shops,PIAZZA's,the ARNo river very nice,over the bridge
to the right great shop for cafétieres(espresso machines! ), then straight on to the main shopping street to the station (train) then left,right and straight on to the airport!
You can do this all at ease in 3hours !!
I did this very relaxed on a 1 day-trip for about 22h with a lot of coffees,diner and shopping!
Lockers can be found at the train station,don't know how much it cost but I saw them in front!
BE AWARE that the airport closes during night and will not open before 4 AM!
But I did a night 'through' because for 1 day hotels are pfff!!!
Enjoy Italy! Forza Italia !
The Maki
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