Ryanair cancellations - Please help

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Ryanair cancellations - Please help

Post by Deivis on Sat 20 Feb 2010 - 14:29

Ryanair regrets that following an operational review, the below flights
will cease operation from the 28/03/2010 until the 30/10/10. Please
advise any other passengers who may be travelling in your party.
Following this route cancellation customers have 2 options:

Option 1

Full refund of all monies paid. To obtain a refund - click on the link
below and complete the required information. Please note: If one of your
flights is due to depart before the 28/03/2010 and you do not wish to
use that flight you can also receive a refund for this flight by
including this information on the refund form.

Option 2

Transfer free of charge onto alternative Ryanair flights.

Please contact Ryanair reservations. Click below for details.

They have given me two options. Everything is clear with the first one, but I have some questions about the option no 2:
1) Do they offer a free flight only from the airport that you were supposed depart?
2) Do they offer only one free flight or more than one? (for example, because of this cancellation, all of my trip (total 5 flights) is falling apart)?
Thank you very much Smile
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