Can't subscribe newsletter

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Can't subscribe newsletter

Post by susu on Wed 24 Feb 2010 - 19:57

Hi there,

I was trying to register on to receive the newsletter, but after I finish filling my info it says:
Thank you for subscribing to the Ryanair mailing list.
Please check your email for a confirmation message. You must respond
to this confirmation message to complete the process.
But I receive a black email and I can't respond to it because de email is and when I try to reply to it it says that the message wasn't delivered.

If someone can help me I would by thankful

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Re: Can't subscribe newsletter

Post by EchoVictorOscar on Wed 24 Feb 2010 - 23:27

There is already a thread about this (which you posted in already).

There's no need for a second one
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