booking mistake HELP NEEDED

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booking mistake HELP NEEDED

Post by ricky2allan on Wed 21 Apr 2010 - 21:11


i made a mistake when booking flights for my in laws
to come and stay with us

when giving there names i didnt put a passangers full name in

i put down anne ********
instead of her full name elizabeth anne *********
it says elizabeth anne ******** on her passport
will this cost ú100 to change as it says on there website for name change ??

please, all help very much appreciated

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Re: booking mistake HELP NEEDED

Post by loli on Thu 22 Apr 2010 - 11:37


my first and middle names are on passport too and I always only mention my first name. never had any problems at all. as long as the details you provided are correct and the passport number is right I wouldn't expect any issues.

my mother-in-law has two last names which i think is a different thing and I always provide both parts. but with first names i don't suppose they're very strict.

i wanted to suggest you call them but don't have any experience to tell if they'll try to rip you off when you mention this.
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