Confused about the under 16 rule?!?

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Confused about the under 16 rule?!?

Post by Occasionalflyer on Sat 24 Apr 2010 - 10:23

Basically I was due to fly out from Stockholm to London with two of my younger siblings in tow. As they are under 16 I was the adult accompanying them. At the same time my mom was also flying from stockholm to london (same airports) however on a different day. Then however the ash crisis took place and you all know what happened. These tickets were then cancelled so we managed to rebook our flights (my moms and ours) all on the same day and on the same flight. Now heres the problem:

I was really hoping to stay in Sweden due to various reasons but i couldnt originally as I was the adult acommpanying my siblings. Now however since my mom will be travelling with us I was wondering if she could take my place and be the offical adult accompanying my younger siblings so that I could remain behind in Sweden (Instead of going to london then coming back to sweden again). However bear in my mind my mom has a seperate ticket to us so I wasnt sure if this was actually possible. Any help would be really appreciated! thanks.
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