Palma de Mallorca - Reus (Spain)

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Palma de Mallorca - Reus (Spain)

Post by Krems on Tue 18 May 2010 - 16:10

Today I was searching for a flight from Palma de Mallorca to Reus on the mainland.

When I selected my dates and persons, suddenly a message appeared:

"Click OK if you are a resident of the Canary/Balearic/Ceuta Islands or a holder of a Spanish large family certificate"

I dont have these properties, because I`m not from Spain, and if I click on cancel, the same thing happens then when I click on OK. So you can choose your flight without a tax but I guess that`s not valid for me.

Is there anybody who have experience with this matter ?

Kind regards,

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Re: Palma de Mallorca - Reus (Spain)

Post by atoutprix on Tue 18 May 2010 - 18:55

If you click on OK, you have to answer more detailed questions about nationality and other things.
If you click on cancel, you normally can proceed with the reservation as usual ... some flights are "free online check-in", others are "no taxes", same as on all RYR lines (some really cheap PMI-REU flights in june, for instance : 3,05 euros !).
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