Pre-paid Mastercard ran out of credit!

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Pre-paid Mastercard ran out of credit!

Post by Joe Bloggs on Sat 22 May 2010 - 10:18

I always keep around £50 on the pre-paid Mastercard (I only use it for Ryanair flights).

However, I booked a couple of flights earlier in the week and have not had chance to top it back up.

Last night I found a flight I wanted (£7.00) and though not certain of the amount of credit on my card I tried to book it - I thought if insufficient funds it wouldn`t go through.

Anyway...I tried to book it and it said declined, click and try again, so I did.

It then said that `there is already a booking in that name that needs more payment, ring the reservations centre`.

So the question is....

When I ring the call centre what are they going to do? Say a)you owe us a couple of quid or b)you owe us a couple of quid and an admin charge?

I think it will be `b` and will then be cheaper to rebook.

Anyone else had this.

Going out now to top up my card!


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