Passport number for children

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Passport number for children

Post by Dikkiedik on Sun 18 Jul 2010 - 11:40

Hi anyone,

I have booked a flight from the Netherlands to Sicily next month and I want to check-in online within the 15 days before the flight.

In the question about my passport, I encounter the next problem.
I have a child who is registered in the passport of my wife.

Registering my wife is no problem (documentnumber = passportnumber), but when i want to register my child there is a question to enter his documentnumber too. In my wife's passport I see that my child has a PASSPORTNUMBER, similar to my wife's passportnumber, but just aside that number my child has a DOCUMENTNUMBER.

I'm confused which number i have to fill in for my child. Is it the passportnumber of my wife or that documentnumber of my child.

Please help

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