Timetable change

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Timetable change

Post by nelch on Sat 28 Aug 2010 - 18:24

Hello everyone
We took 9 tickets form Barcelona to Tenerife South 30 days ago for 31/12/2010, the timetable was 15-00 - 17-55 (FR6376)
Just now I wanted to buy some more tickets and the timetable changed to 8-10 - 11-05, it's very bad, because we fly before from Berlin to Barcelona by Easyjet 8-40 - 11-15
Nothing was sent to our e-mail, what shall we do?
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Re: Timetable change

Post by atoutprix on Sat 28 Aug 2010 - 20:25

As a matter of fact, the flight BCN-TFS for 31/12/2010 is now scheduled at 08.10. Timetable changes can happen.
Here is what Ryanair says about it :

What happens if my flight is schedule changed by Ryanair?
In the event of a schedule change Ryanair will endeavor to contact all passengers via the email address supplied at the point of booking, however we do recommend that passengers review their flight booking prior to departure via the Manage My Booking section on our website.
If a Ryanair flight is time changed significantly (more than 3 hours before or after the original departure time) and no suitable alternative flight is available, we will, upon application, offer a Travel Credit or a refund for all monies paid in respect of the time changed flight, without further liability.


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