FYI: Booking extra luggage for one way on a return booking

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FYI: Booking extra luggage for one way on a return booking

Post by StooB on Wed 1 Sep 2010 - 17:04

Just something I have found out I thought I would put in a post here.

If you book a return flight and check in for BOTH flights then you will pay the extra checked in luggage for BOTH flights, but what if you just want to book it in for just one way? -

You can still book a 2-way return flight, but when checking in you have the option to tick and check in for the way out AND/OR the return. I simply unticked the return flight, checked in on the way out flight and flew to my destination, then I checked in for the return flight before I flew home and booked my musical instrument/extra baggage. Curiously the charge still said it was 80 pounds (double the charge) on the filling out page but then when I clicked confirm, it said it was charging me just the 40 pounds on the final bill before completing the extra baggage form.

Therefore, if you check in for each separate flight, you only pay for that flight┤s extra baggage.

I was SO relieved when I found this out! I hope this answers many peoples problems which Ryan Air┤s small print and help feature that doesn┤t really help! What a Face
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