Children on planes..

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Children on planes..

Post by marlboro on Sat 18 Sep 2010 - 14:59

You`ve waited at the gate for a while passing the time with the the other passengers and pulling faces at each other as you suffer the unruly behaviour of a child who`s parents believe that they are the most wonderful creation on earth and that you should rejoice in sharing these important times in their child`s early development or simply have given in to their children and handed their lives over to them.
Occasionally you will hear one of the parents try to suggest to the child that he/she refrains from misbehaving ( a method they read somewhere in a book written by a woman whilst she was on a 3 month protest protecting an endangered field of daisies).The gate opens and,travelling alone or with your partner,you take up a position near the front of the queue.You board the plane and find a seat, taking care to avoid other children that have awoken during the transition from the airport to the plane. ...then just as everyone settles in the family with the screaming child from the departure lounge position themselves in the row behind behind you and the nightmare begins. As a frequent flyer it seems that children are taking over when it comes to flying with any airline.How they behave will dictate how you enjoy the flight.Now,it could just be that I`m getting old and miserable but looking around the plane you have to say the same about the majority of other passengers who mutter disapprovingly whilst huffing and rolling their eyes.
So what`s the answer..should we all attend meditation classes to prepare ourselves for the ordeal? or perhaps someone in the EU will pass a new rule to make all parents fall into line and present a certificate of proficiency to parent before booking a flight?
Maybe the simple solution would be to provide a children`s zone on aircraft,perhaps as simple as the front,middle or back of the plane where all children and parents can continue as they please leaving those of us to find seating away from the cacophony.

Your comments please Smile
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