Wrong Creditcardnumber

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Wrong Creditcardnumber

Post by simOen on Thu 4 Nov 2010 - 0:33

Hello Forum.
I just booked a flight with ryanair. First they said a error apeared and I have to do the booking again...I tried to do it again and I realized that I typed in a wrong number for the validationcode of my creditcard. But than the website told me that the flight is already booked and that I cannot book again during the same hour (what I do not want to do!).

But I didn't receive any email yet but the flight is listed on my account if I check "My bookings".

Can someone tell me what's happening with this creditcarderror...? Is it important or can I change it in some way?

It would be great to get some advises of more experienced flyers!

Greetings from Portugal.

EDIT: No I cannot log in in "My bookings" and see the booking anymore. Maybe they anulate it by themselves???
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Re: Wrong Creditcardnumber

Post by anna1981 on Thu 4 Nov 2010 - 7:17

Yes they do. When you make a booking but you enter the wrong credit card number it remains confirmed for about 15-30 minutes and thats why the website told you that you already have a booking. But since you entered the wrong credit card number, the payment was declined, thus your booking has been canceled by the system. You can definitely rebook.
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