I can't understand the sales

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I can't understand the sales

Post by any_any on Sat 4 Dec 2010 - 13:47


I've been watching the Ryanair sales for about 3 weeks now. The flight I want to book is from Venice to Oslo, on 27.2. - 6.3.2011.

I've seen that the price has changed down for -25% on the last sale for traveling in January or February. But now there is a new sale, 6Ç for one way, applicable days from Monday-Sunday for traveling in January or February. Here comes the question, one day has passed and it seems like they haven't yet updated the prices, because for this period (27.2.) there is still no change in the price but there is still a -25% on a fare.

Do you think that they still haven't updated or that this is it for this sale until monday for the wanted route?

Still, on 27.2.2011 from Venice to Oslo, it's been 3 weeks, that there is only a regular fare price. Do you think that there are any possibilities that this flight gets a lower/action/without taxes price or that the plane is already almost ful and there are low possibilities that the price will go down?

Thank you for your help and answers. I really hope that this are not to much dumb questions, so I apologize if they are.
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Re: I can't understand the sales

Post by atoutprix on Sat 4 Dec 2010 - 22:02

The promotional fares as they are advertised on the Ryanair site are sometimes misleading.
At the moment, there is a sale of 6 euros flights, and at the same time, as RYRaddict has pointed out, there are also 4 euros flights on sale in january; other flights can be had with 20 or 25 % off, and so on.
The price that appears under the flight is the actual price, as far as I know - notwithstanding any other mention elsewhere.
It's quite impossible to predict in what direction - up or down - the price of a flight will move.
Usually, if there is a large rebate on the regular price, it's one or two months before the flight.
At this moment (early december) there are real good deals to be had for some january flights - but not all january flights.
Sorry, unable to help you better !

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