Online Check-in: Travel Documents

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Online Check-in: Travel Documents

Post by Padre on Fri 8 Apr 2011 - 22:55


I booked a return flight. I checked in for my outgoing flight, added my travel document details and flew.

Now, I wish to check in for the return flight. The web-page says 'Passenger details already added'.

I assumed I would have to enter my travel document details again for this return flight. The reason why I am a little worried is that when I
loaded the page firstly, the drop down boxes for adding travel document information appeared, but they were blank and nothing could
be selected from them. So I closed the page and opened it again and it said 'Passenger details already added'.

So I'm basically asking, does Ryanair have my travel document info saved from my outgoing flight. Or have they now somehow received
blank travel document info from me?


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Re: Online Check-in: Travel Documents

Post by anna1981 on Sat 9 Apr 2011 - 10:00

They definitely have your document details already. When you checked in for the outbound flight you're details were automatically saved for the return as well.
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