Please advise...

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Please advise...

Post by Stewie on Wed 27 Apr 2011 - 22:32

Hi Folks,
Just wondering if anyone can help me out here,
I am flying to Liverpool next week for my Stag party, and just realised my Passport is out of date.. Sad
The wife to be is going to the passport office tomorrow to try get a new one issued, armed with the cash, photos and all the
documents needed. Problem is though, I have just checked the flight itinerary which she needs to bring in to speed up the process,
and on it , my soon to be (ex) Best Man spelt my name "Stewart" rather than "Stuart"..
Should this cause a problem? or does it seem like a pretty straight forward spelling mistake???

Any help/advise appreciated

Thanks scratch

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Re: Please advise...

Post by Rich00cap on Wed 27 Apr 2011 - 23:56

You should prepare yourself for the possibility that it could. I'd try phoning ryanair's premium rate customer service line or faxing them ( no email as yet) and asking them if they change it for you as it's an honest mistake but there's no guarantees.
Good luck mate.
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