Online Check in Question....

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Online Check in Question....

Post by og.77 on Tue 3 May 2011 - 16:57

Hi, any info on this would be most helpful

I have booked flights for 25 of us to Spain with Ryanair and am starting to gather information for when we online check in. I have been told I need everybody's passport number,expiry date & date of birth. Is this correct or do I need to provide anything else?? Can't check on the website until 15 days before departure and i have a lot to of information to gather!

Also when making the original booking I was only asked to provide First and last names but i'm led to believe that when checking in online I will need their names as it appears on passport eg: including middle name(s).

I am gathering:

-Passport Number

-Expiry date

-Date of Birth

-Full name as it appears on passport

Is there anything else i need to get from everybody????

thanks in advance
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