no nationality on boarding pass

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no nationality on boarding pass

Post by blue on Tue 17 May 2011 - 2:16


I am really confused. I did a few online check ins earlier and had no problems at all. when i did the last one,i put all documents details down again and clicked on check in, it kept loading the site til it crashed down. i eventually got back to the main site of the online check in, where i enter all details and saw, and i am pretty sure about this, it said all details are there, so i clicked on check in again and it showed me the boarding pass. but the boarding pass does not show my nationality (the country) below my name, but all other details are correct, name, ref no, date, time & flight, just no nationality! Does that matter????

When tried to review my details of that boarding pass again, it didn't even show any of my document details which i put in in first place!
I tried the same with one of my other online check in and it showed up all details!

Do I need to worry????????????????

I hope someone is out there to help me out with this!!!!

Thanks in advance

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