Wheelchair transport without special assistance?

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Wheelchair transport without special assistance?

Post by jojoit on Fri 8 Jul 2011 - 13:41

Hi all,
since I can't seem to contact our local special assistance number (have tried with both mobile and landline during opening hours, number doesn't exist!?!), I wanted to check if anyone knows if Ryanair will transport a wheelchair for a passenger for free without requesting special assistance for the said passenger?
A little background, if needed:
we've booked 2 flights for september, and are traveling with our 8 yr old daughter who is disabled. However she is able to walk for long distances wo problems and use the stairs, so I'd prefer to avoid requesting special assistance (have used it in the past and honestly it's a hassle not being able to navigate the airports independently, plus I'm not able to reach them by phone anyway....). We do need to take her "wheelchair" that is in fact a special needs pushchair (umbrella fold, slightly bigger than standard baby buggies) since we will be visiting Disneyland during our holiday, doing lots of walking, and if/when she gets tired we really need to have it with us. So, I just want to be sure that we can take the wheelchair/buggy with us and not worry about extra fees or Ryanair refusing to transport us since we haven't booked special assistance... they do state that one foldable buggy/child is allowed and don't mention any age limits and usually they let you take the buggy up to the gate anyway (if they wanted to board it at the check in it would not be a problem though).
They surely can't refuse boarding her for "security" reasons if we don't request assistance and show up with the wheelchair/buggy (she does have a "visible" disability)? We did just travel with Ryanair last month, without the wheelchair/buggy or special assistance and had no problems...
Thanks for reading, hope someone will be able to help!

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