Error in booking system?

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Error in booking system?

Post by DavieP on Tue 23 Aug 2011 - 13:03


Booked flights last night from London Stansted to Dublin and it appears there is a glitch in the Ryanair booking system. After selecting flight times and dates, and double checking everything as always, I clicked to finalise the booking. A message then came up stating "sesson locked." I was unsure at first as to whether it had completed but received an email 2 minutes later confirming my booking. However, rather than the 3pm flight I had booked for outgoing, it stated 6am! I was absolutely positive that I had selected 3pm. I looked for help and noticed that somebody on here had described EXACTLY the same situation as myself. I was unable to log back in to the Ryanair site as it kept stating "session locked." After an hour, I was able to gain access but had to pay ú50 to change my time back to the original selection (flights prices of the two were identical). I was fuming, as I know that this is not my error. I have been asked to FAX Ryanair or write to them. I find this ridiculous that this cannot be resolved by phone for a start.

Has anyone heard of this before? What are the chance of me getting my cash back?

Regards David
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