Girona - Govt have made an offer

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Girona - Govt have made an offer

Post by pierccl on Tue 23 Aug 2011 - 17:39


I was in the location of Girona a week or so ago and picked up a Costa Brava news and in there was an article saying that the goverment have offered back on the table the deal with Ryan Air to pay them the money plus a bit for for every passenger they bring in over the target.

Whilst I realsie that the operation has moved to El Prat will Ryan Air consider reinstating flights to Girona as I won't travel to El Prat or Barcelona too far south - I know that there is quite an ex-pat community in the Costa Brava region North of Girona and none of them will fly in to El Prat they are switching to TUI which is not what they want to do. I do realise that Ryan Air probably will not use Girona as their main hub anymore due to the costs involved but reinstating some flights from the UK and Ireland would be really good news Laughing

Can you give us an update at all?


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