Bratislava > London Stansted - attendants non-stop moaning !

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Bratislava > London Stansted - attendants non-stop moaning !

Post by jno on Tue 30 Aug 2011 - 11:30

Flew into London Stansted last week from Bratislava. All on time, no real problems, but ...

1) STAFF MOANING - has anyone else every experienced the on-board flight attendants moaning ALL THE TIME about their working conditions ?

I sat at the front and had to listen to them for TWO HOURS talking about how cheeky they thought Ryan Air management were constantly asking them to come in on their two day breaks.
As a paying customer, DO I WANT TO HEAR THIS?!

2) My only other complaint - PLEASE, can the person talking over the tannoy speak clear English? I am sick of Eastern European flight attendants who mumble and mispronounce over the in-flight tannoy system, their English pronunciation is dreadful - it is a pointless exercise talking in such a way, and they might as well not bother.
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Re: Bratislava > London Stansted - attendants non-stop moaning !

Post by photon on Tue 18 Oct 2011 - 20:36

Having trained as cabin crew and watch my class mates leave ryanair within 2 months of starting it's not that hard to believe.

You should not perceive ryanair as a holiday airline, rather as a no frills point A - B airline.
Ryanair management is harsh with their staff, it is serious about punctuality, productivity and safety and grooming.

If it was at the front of the cabin, the chances are it was the number 1 and number 4 complaining.
The number 1 is in overall charge of the cabin crew, so it was likely that the conversation would not be a problem for the crew onboad.
Each number 1 varies, you get the dedicated, and you get those who sympathise with themselves and the crew. Even the flightcrew sympathise with their fellow cabin crew.

When you operate a quick 25 minute turnaround, uploading/offloading some 1,000 passengers foreign passengers each working day, you'de soon lose interest and enjoyment in your job. Especially on a 11,000 EUR yearly salary.

English is the primary language on board, however ryanair will happily premote non fluent speakers based on their productivity, dedication and punctuality.
The speaker on the public address system is the number 1, and is overall in chrage of the aircraft.
Don't overlook their english fluency as a weakness, they are very experienced staff on a pretty good salary. Some 3 years with the airline carrying an umberlievable number of passengers on hundreds of routes. You'd soon get bored and lose interest on this highly stressfull job.
Ryanair is after all the biggest carrier of passengers in europe, and their cabin crew are some of the most experienced despite their attitutude.

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