Any plans to return to Belfast City?

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Any plans to return to Belfast City?

Post by David Pegg on Thu 1 Sep 2011 - 18:20

Any plans for Ryanair to return to Belfast City?. I was a regular user of the Liverpool - Belfast till last year (2/3 times per month) and the only hiccup I ever had with ryanair was a slight one with the Icelandic volcano delays.
For the past year I have used Flybe, easyjet, and Jet2 and I can honestly say Its been one problem after another. Easyjet trying to rip me off with admin fees for correcting their mistakes, flybe with delays and dodgy aircraft (having to return to Belfast for emergency landing due to undercarriage fault!!, and delays of 3.5 hrs for a 30 minute flights and being ripped off for ú10 a time just to get into Blackpool airport +3hr delays for a 30 min("development fee") which Jet2 dont mention till after they've got your money!
Ryanair, please come back to Belfast City or even the international, this must be so bad for Belfast itself commercially. the flights now are never anywhere near full and I think people like me just try to avoid travelling now
David Pegg
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Re: Any plans to return to Belfast City?

Post by Wouter on Thu 1 Sep 2011 - 20:49

Hi David,

Ryanair doesn't fly from Liverpool to Belfast anymore, but they do fly to Derry, which is about 70 miles/112 km north from Belfast. LPL-LDY is 6 times weekly, every day except Thursday.

Ryanair could return to City Airport once the runway extension is completed (not before 2012).

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Kind regards, Wouter

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