Help! Bristol > Faro, Portgual.

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Help! Bristol > Faro, Portgual.

Post by hollypender on Tue 6 Sep 2011 - 14:28

I am trying to plan a friend's hen week away for July next year, and am interested in booking ryanair flights. But i cannot get any idea of the prices for next July as they don't get released until 5 months before the date.
I was just hoping somebody may stumble across this and give me an idea of the what the flight prices were to Portugal from Bristol from this year?
It will be in the school holidays....

Thanking you in anticipation,

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Re: Help! Bristol > Faro, Portgual.

Post by micaelpereira.55 on Thu 8 Sep 2011 - 2:28

i'm answering you because i'm from portugal, so i have a little idea of the prices.
However i don't ever checked flights to Faro (because the airport i use is Porto), but if it is like Porto-Stansted, what looks like to be, maybe a little bit cheaper, the normal prices around 50€/£ with return, in July i supose it will rise a lot, because Faro tourism is 70% english, maybe more, so english flights to Faro i guess it won't be very cheap, but keep looking along the whole year for a good price in July, and if you don't find it my advice is, take a flight from London to Porto, stay one day there and then go to Faro by bus, it is +/- 15€, and the bad part, 5h30 of trip, but that's much better, with the money you save flighting to Porto you stay there one night and go to faro, and i tell you, Porto, putting the beaches appart, is 10x better than Faro, in night, culture, activities, sport, everything..
Sorry for don't asnwer your really question, but i hope had helped!
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