PROBLEMS with flight exchange in BARCELONA EL PRAT

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PROBLEMS with flight exchange in BARCELONA EL PRAT

Post by micaelpereira.55 on Wed 7 Sep 2011 - 20:35

Good afternoon,
15 September i'm going to Venice, to get there i booked a Ryanair flight departing OPORTO at 6h30 (Portuguese hour) and arriving BARCELONA EL PRAT T2 at 9h25 (Spanish hour), and there i need to exchange to another Ryanair Flight departing BARCELONA EL PRAT T2 at 10h25 (spanish hour) to arrive VENICE M.POLO at 12h10 (Italian hour), but the gate will close at 9h55(spanish hour), what leaves me half a hour.
I wanna know if the Departures are too far from the Arrivals, if i need to pass through the security again, if it is possible to catch the flight to Venice only with 30 minutes.
I've heard around that Ryanair flights arrive on the departures division, that the people who arrive enter in the airport right to the side of the departure flights gates, i don't know if that's really true, and if it is, it is too in this airport (BARCELONA EL PRAT T2)?
Thanks a lot!
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Re: PROBLEMS with flight exchange in BARCELONA EL PRAT

Post by EchoVictorOscar on Wed 7 Sep 2011 - 21:46

Someone told me once that in Spanish airports you arrive into the same area where the departure gates are as long as you arrive on a flight from the mainland/continent. Now, again I'm not too sure if it's true but that's what I was told.

Either way, you're leaving yourself too little time between your flights. If you incur a delay on the Porto flight, you could be in trouble for catching the next flight (and if you read your T&Cs, Ryanair are not held responsible and you would have to re-book at your own expense). It's a risk & if you do have to pass through security again, I don't think you have a chance of catching the Venice flight.

Hope it works out, good luck!


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