help me please

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help me please

Post by john mcsherry on Wed 21 Sep 2011 - 17:05

hi everyone can some one help, i have booked a flight from glasgow to stanstede and then on to dinnerd i only have 1 hour 10 min to make my conection is that enoght time .how long do ryan give you to get on to plane . thank you
john mcsherry
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Re: help me please

Post by Ryanairflyer on Wed 21 Sep 2011 - 18:11

Beware-Stansted is quite a large airport .. it can sometimes take 10-15 minutes dependant on which gate your incoming flight docks just to get to the baggage carousel dependant on passport control... Although you should be fast tracked through passport control arriving from Scotland... I was when I arrived from Dublin. It may also be worth keeping your arrival boarding pass in hand some London airports require them.. Gatwick wanted passes when I travelled there.
Again you will go through the departure and more importantly the security process for your connecting flight( you will need to go into the arrivals and then to departures there is no connecting flight facility at stansted- or there was not when i last travelled there.), the security process at stansted can sometimes can be quite slow, again allow atleast 10-15 minutes to get the the departure gate.
Ryanair state the departing gate closes 30 Minutes before the departure time on your boarding pass (now in most cases I have found the gates open 30 minutes before the departure time stated but sometimes they do or can board passengers as stated on the boarding pass- So Please Take This Into Consideration)

I did travel in the summer months so hopefully your queueing time will not be as long.
I am sure somebody on this site who uses stansted can advise in more detail.


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