First Class flight.

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First Class flight.

Post by foxtor10 on Wed 5 Oct 2011 - 17:54

I have just flown to and back fron Grand Canaria with Ryanair, i was a bit aprehensive at first after hearing all the bad reports about the airline.
Our flight was first class from the bag drop off to the return trip. The flight times were spot on, the cabin crew were all first class, the aircraft clean and tidy.
If passengers get there boarding passes printed off correctly there should not be a problem.
I will use Ryanair again with confidence.
Well done Ryanair. Smile Smile
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Re: First Class flight.

Post by Ryanairflyer on Wed 5 Oct 2011 - 18:35

I have flown with Ryanair many many times sometimes 4 flights in one day and find the service to be excellent value for money( I fly to the Canaries alot and never pay more than £35 each way for a standard ticket - wow well worth the money IMO)... there are alot of flights cheaper than bus fares on offer to great european cities - with less delays than alot of airlines ... unsure what people moan about really.

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