There and back in a does it work?

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There and back in a does it work?

Post by Jonesygan on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 10:10

With a couple of days off mid week in a few weeks time I was thinking of how I might use my time...with the price of gas and electric I need to get out of the house for a day.... Very Happy
I found some ridiculously cheap returns to BGY from LPL and MAN...but they would be day returns....£30 ish...
I was wondering how...if I decided to kill a day just by going somewhere there and back...whether its possible with the short turnaround times?

ie..aircraft arrives down route 1500....departs 1540...meaning I have to dis embark...negotiate immigration (possibly)...and then get back through security for the return leg?

anyone ever done it and had any problems?

a cheap day out could turn out expensive if I get stuck down route!!
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Re: There and back in a does it work?

Post by Ryanairflyer on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 17:13

I have only tried this once with such tight Arrival and departures and i was very fortunate that my outbound flight was not delayed, so everything turned out fine.
Still and this is only my opinion i would not attempt the connection.

I have just completed a one day trip £6 each way-

Sun13 Nov 11
Flight FR3224 06:40 Depart Manchester (MAN)
09:35 Arrive Oslo Rygge (RYG)return
Sun13 Nov 11
Flight FR9129 17:55 Depart Oslo Rygge (RYG)
18:50 Arrive Liverpool (LPL)

see this link it shows what i did in a day. or simply visit Oslo for a few hours.

then caught the terravision bus(£8) into Manchester centre i was back home for 9pm. a good day out.

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Re: There and back in a does it work?

Post by atoutprix on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 20:35

I often do day return trips with Ryanair, but only if there are two daily flights, or else a return possible by another way with a connecting flight.
For example, a day trip to Brindisi : Charleroi - Brindisi, return Brindisi-Rome-Charleroi.
Or : Charleroi-Dublin - return Dublin-Edinburg-Charleroi.
I have never tried to go back by the same aircraft !
At Bergamo, arrivals and departures don't mix : after landing, you have to go out, and then through the security check in order to reach the boarding gate.
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Re: There and back in a does it work?

Post by photon on Sat 26 Nov 2011 - 10:08

I used to fly as on day trips when I was using stansted airport; billund, stockholm, glasgow, frankfurt hahn belfast, dublin. However it is not so possible, now that I am using MAN/LPL\LBA.

I've just returned from BGY from Man and paid around the same ( £30 return including the admin fee 24th / 25th November). In those 2 months I also visited rimini, pisa and rome chiampino for around the same.

Anyway, BGY is surprisingly a large and well catered airport, therefore you would struggle to navigate through customs, security and then locate your gate through the complicated departure area.

What I have to ask is, are you departing on the same flight you arrived from?

If so, you would not be able to book a return on the same flight (2 one way tickets required). Also Ryanair closes the gate 40 minutes before departure, so no matter how unlikely your flight arrives early, you would most probably miss your flight.
At bergamo we were bussed to our departure aircraft, and boarding commenced 40 minutes before departure.
Many other airlines use the airport too (air one / urean / ural).

In my opinion, despite how expensive bergamo or milan is for hotels, I'd recommend you make a 24 hour day out of it.
I booked my hotel at 'Hotel san Giorgio; for just 40 EUR per night including breakfast and free wifi, located near the train station.
You can't book online, you have to ask for the cheapest room (small room with tv/sink/wardrobe/telephone and sahred bathroom). Very basic but cannot be beaten on price and location.
It is just 1 hour walking distance from BGY and 5 EUR each way to Milan.

Or you could sleep at the airport? It is large enough and many early flyers use it.

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Re: There and back in a does it work?

Post by JohnnySweeedish on Tue 7 Feb 2012 - 20:19

ie..aircraft arrives down route 1500....departs 1540...meaning..

bad idea..really !!

let's say 10-15 mins to leave plane
another 15-20mins to pass sec check and ... and another half day $#%$#%$%$% angry ... on the way back to tkt desk for new ticket Smile so NO i wouldn't take that risk .

unless your 1st flt is at 14:00 and 2nd 19:00 then YES !!

and BTW not gates are closing 40 min before dept, BUT ACI Wink so... it means that IF you ARE travelling with hand bag ONLY then MAYBE you can catch your flt - but mdf - Missed departure fee i REALLY expensive so... it depends how FAT is your wallet... i will choose option no 2 Wink
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Re: There and back in a does it work?

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