KUN: Kaunas airport (Lithuania)

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KUN: Kaunas airport (Lithuania)

Post by Grobuonis on Sun 18 May 2008 - 18:40

Kaunas International Airport is the second busiest civil airport in Lithuania after VNO (Vilnius airport) and the fourth one in Baltic States. The airport mainly serves interational passenger and cargo flights and is located in Karmelava, 15 km (9 miles) northeast of Kaunas centre. In 2007 the airport handled more than 391.000, 60 % more than in 2006. Ryanair uses Kaunas Airport as its destination in Lithuania, and is the main operator at the airport.

The airport website:

Runway 08/26:
length - 3250 m
width - 45 m

- 12 Check-in desks (only at Terminal A - for all flights)
- 10 Boarding gates
- 2 Arrival halls (Terminal A - non-Schengen countries, Terminal B - Schengen countries)
- 2 departure halls (Terminal A non-Schengen countries, Terminal B - Schengen countries)

To Kaunas City Centre
Bus line no. 29 (Kaunas Airport (Karmelava) – Savanoriu Ave. –
Bus station – Panemune – Viciunai). Regular price 1,20 Lt (0,35 Eur),
from driver 1,50 Lt (0,43 Eur)
Shuttle bus No. 120 (Kaunas Airport (Karmelava) - Savanoriu Avenue - Kaunas castle bus stop).


To Vilnius City Centre
JSC Aurakom Bus line to Vilnius (Kaunas Airport (Karmelava) -
Vilnius Railway and Bus station). Regular price 45 Lt (13 Eur), booking
through the web page - 35 Lt (10 Eur). Journey time ~ 1 hour and 15 min.


Terminal A

Terminal B - only arrival an departure halls for Schengen countries (check-in desks at Terminal A)

Check-in decks at terminal A for all flights (to Schengen and non-Schengen countries)

Terminal A arrival hall (from non-Schengen countries)

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Re: KUN: Kaunas airport (Lithuania)

Post by El Pathos on Sun 9 Jan 2011 - 0:07

Anyone knows whether it's okay to sleep in the terminal building or not? I doubt it as there are no reviews on sleepinginairports.com and as I don't see any bench in those pictures, but we never know ! Very Happy
El Pathos
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