Clarification on hand luggage please

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Clarification on hand luggage please

Post by nomy on Wed 21 May 2008 - 13:40


We are travelling from East Midlands to Limoges next week and have taken advantage of the online booking to lessen costs etc.

I understand the size restrictions, but I'm a little confused. East Midlands Airport state different (larger) sizes, so who actually checks the cabin bag sizes?

Also, how strict are they? We have one bag that is within the width and length, but as it's a fabric case, it tends to sag and bulge to slightly over the 20cm depth. This can easily compress as it's mostly just air. Would that cause a problem? How is the size checked?

One last question...duty free. Would we be allowed to take our one item of luggage PLUS some duty free bags purchased within the airport?

Thanks to anyone who can clarify any of these points.
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Re: Clarification on hand luggage please

Post by don_salvatore87 on Thu 22 May 2008 - 11:59

You are allowed to bring on piece of hand-luggage onboard. On Ryanair the weightlimit of your handluggage is 10kg, the maximum size is 55x40x20cm.

Your handluggage can't contain bottles of liquids which are more than 100ml in volume, you will have to put these in an plastic bag which you can obtain at the airport. And no sharp/dangerous items etc...

The handluggage ( at least at the airport where I work) is checked during check-in and security, but if you bag fits comfortably even if compressed in the blue "Ryanair frame" it should be ok, but other airports might be more strict. If you purchase an extra bag after security, according to FR's rules you are still only able to bring on piece of handluggage onboard and most probably the cabincrew will notice.

Just wanted to say that there is no restriction on liquids bought AFTER security etc.
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