MMX: Malmö Airport (Sweden)

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MMX: Malmö Airport (Sweden)

Post by dj_wanker on Thu 16 Feb 2012 - 19:24

Malmö Airport (formerly known as Malmö-Sturup Airport) is one of the busiest airports in Sweden. It is located approximately 28 km from Sweden's 3rd largest city, Malmö, and 26 km from Lund. Via the Öresund Bridge the airport is located about 55 km from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Official airport website:

Ryanair served Malmö Airport between 2001 and 2007. In the summer of 2011 the no-frills airline returned after tough renegotiations with the airport regarding regional aviation taxes!

Ryanair destinations:

Other destinations:
Cham Wings Airlines flies to Damascus.
Wizzair flies to Budapest, Belgrade, Gdansk, Katowice, Prague and Warzaw.
Vueling Airlines flies to Barcelona-El Prat.
Numerous charter flights.
Numerous domestic flights to Stockholm, Örebro, Borlänge and Visby.

Operational facts:
1 passenger terminal
8 gates
2 cargo terminals
2 hangars
20 parking stands for large aircrafts
7 parking stands for small aircrafts
1 asphalt runway (2,800 m, 17/35)
1 asphalt runway (797 m, 11/29)

Shops & restaurants:
3 shops
5 restaurants, cafés and bars
2 Internet bars

1 hotel - Sturup Airport Hotel
1 conference facility - Malmö Airport Conference & Event
6 car rental companies
1 foreign exchange
3,400 parking spaces
1 indoor parking structure
1,200 employees at various companies and organisations at Malmö Airport

Ground transport:
Flygbussarna airport coaches depart from the airport to downtown Malmö and Lund. The journey to Malmö or Lund takes about 40 minutes. From there there are frequent train connections, e.g. to Copenhagen.

Gråhundbus coaches depart to Copenhagen, Denmark, 30 minutes after every Ryanair arrival. (in Danish)

There is a taxi stand at the airport, where you can catch taxis with fixed rates to Malmö and Lund. (in Swedish)

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