Bergamo to Liverpool Cancellation Question

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Bergamo to Liverpool Cancellation Question

Post by SeanNJ22 on Thu 8 Mar 2012 - 20:35

My e-mail from Ryanair:
Ryanair regrets that following an operational review, the below flights will
cease operation from the 25.03.12 – 27.10.12. Please advise any other passengers
who may be travelling in your party.

Following this route cancellation customers have 2 options:

Option 1
Full refund of all monies paid. To obtain a refund - click on the link below
and complete the required information. Please note: If one of your flights is
due to depart before the 25th March 2012 and you do not wish to use that flight
you can also receive a refund for this flight by including this information on
the refund form.

Option 2
Transfer free of charge onto one of the below listed alternative Ryanair flights
from Manchester Airport, alternatively contact reservations regarding a free
transfer to/from another Ryanair airport.

Manchester – Milan Bergamo

Please contact Ryanair reservations. Click below for details.

For the written notice setting out the rules for compensation and assistance in
line with EU Regulations 261/2004 click below

An automatic refund of this reservation will be processed within 21 working
days if no alternative flight options are requested.

Ryanair sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused by this route

From Milan(Bergamo)(BGY) to Liverpool(LPL)
Fri, 13/04/2012 Flight 4537 Depart BGY at 2235 and arrive LPL at 2350

My flight from Milan Bergamo to Liverpool on April 13 at 2235 was canceled March 6. They offered two options: a full refund or a free transfer of flights. I'm confused about the other flight they offered as it seems they are offering to transfer me to a flight from Manchester to Milan Bergamo. Considering I need a flight leaving Italy (not going to Italy) to the UK, do you think this is an error on Ryanair's e-mail? Or do you think that I'm just getting a useless option? I have filed a complaint via their website two days ago, but I did not receive a response. I have been trying to call their customer service today, but the service is busy. I am not sure if I should go ahead and just apply for my refund because other flights back to the UK aren't getting any cheaper or if I should continue to wait to get in contact with their customer service?

Can anyone help?
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