Cancellation of Ryanair flight from Budapest to Chania

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Cancellation of Ryanair flight from Budapest to Chania

Post by trasys on Fri 9 Mar 2012 - 0:25

I got this email today and have some questions..

1.) Can i re-book to any flights for free or do i have to pay the difference between the fare i paid and the new flights fare ? (can i change dates as well ?)
2.) I tried to change the flight online under "Manage my booking" and they wanna charge me money for changing my flight even though in the email they say its for free ?
3.) is there any other way to change the flight to a different route by not calling the expensive Hotline ??? otherwise it wouldn┤t be a free rebooking in my eyes...

Thank you ....

Dear Customer

Ryanair regrets that following an operational review, the below flights will cease operation from the 25/03/2012-27/10/2012.
Please advise any other passengers who may be travelling in your party.

Following this route cancellation customers have 2 options:

Option 1
Full refund of all monies paid. To obtain a refund - click on the link below and complete the required information. Please note: If one of your flights is due to depart before the 25/03/2012 and you do not wish to use that flight you can also receive a refund for this flight by including this information on the refund form.

Option 2
Re-Book free of charge onto alternative Ryanair flights operating from nearby departure or arrival airports.

Please contact Ryanair reservations. Click below for details.

Important your original boarding card cannot be used on your alternative flight. You are required to check in & print new board.

An automatic refund of this reservation will be processed within 21 working days if no alternative flight options are requested.

For the written notice setting out the rules for compensation and assistance in line with EU Regulations 261/2004 click below
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