Name reverse. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Name reverse. PLEASE HELP!!!

Post by Digo on Fri 20 Apr 2012 - 2:25

I'm a Chinese student and I booked one ticket today, from Madrid to Paris Beauvais. But I made a mistake when I was filling my First name and my Last name. My chinese name is Hu KaiQi, but due to the tradicion of our country, my first name should be Kai Qi and my last name should be Hu. But I wrote Hu as my First name and KaiQi as my last name. I want to know whether it's ok for me to get boarding, or should I just buy another ticket? I really don't want to make this stupid mistake, but sometimes it's really hard for us Chineses to distinguish the difference between the First name and the Last name.
Hope someone can respond me as soon as possible!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!!
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