Spanish Airport Taxes + Cash Passport

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Spanish Airport Taxes + Cash Passport

Post by zmrzlina on Thu 26 Apr 2012 - 16:04

I am booked for return flights from Bristol --> Reus over the early May bank holiday weekend.

I used my Ryanair Cash Passport for the booking and the charge reduced my balance to £0.31.

I am wondering
1) When will we get a definitive answer about the Spanish Airport Tax rise?
2) Will we have "notice" from Ryanair that a charge of X amount will be applied in X days time?
3) If this takes my Cash Passport balance below £0, will I get an extra £10 fee applied (and
hence should I just go ahead and top up £150 now to avoid this)?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Spanish Airport Taxes + Cash Passport

Post by bateryan on Sat 28 Apr 2012 - 13:01

Not being a representative of Ryanair I cannot tell you anything for sure, but I expect it will go as follows.
When the tax rise is indeed levied Ryanair will inform you by email of the extra amount due. Also they will add this as an item to your booking information. You can inspect this via "manage my booking". There you can pay (and undoubtedly must before checking in) in a way you choose.
My personal experience is that the booking fee is only charged when booking the flight, not by paying for later extra's.
I suggest you wait for messages from Ryanair and enjoy an icecream in the meantime Smile
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