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Post by puppsy369 on Tue 26 Jun 2012 - 9:24

Hey guys,

yesterday night (between 22 and 24 h) I tried to book a flight for me and my sister from RIJEKA(RJK) CROATIA to STOCKHOLM (NYO) SWEDEN. I used my grandfathers credit card, but site keeps sending me out error messages, so I tried once again and got a message displayed :
"A duplicate booking has been detected. Please check your Email, if we are holding a reservation for you, an Email confirmation will be sent to you shortly. If you need to make an additional booking for the same flight, with the same Passenger Name using the same credit card details please wait 60 minutes or use an alternative form of payment. Do NOT rebook, duplicate reservations are non refundable."

I checeked my e-mail, but I got no confirmation that tickets are booked.
I also checked on Manage Booking (as I don't have reservation number, I took Option 3)to view my Itinerary, but it keeps sending me error like


We are unable to locate the itinerary.
The details you entered in order to retrieve your reservation did not match those on record.
Please verify the information is correct and try again.

And the tickets are supposed to cost 377 EUR

Any suggestion what to do???
Are those tickets booked or not, because they are changing prices like crazy, and I still didn't get any info back from Ryanair?????

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