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cancel or change the booking

Post by Jayden Goh on Tue 10 Jul 2012 - 19:04

This is my case.

Recently, I have booked a flight from liverpool to barcelona for 9 persons but I have keyed in the wrong name for 1 person. I found it can be change but with a charge that much higher than the new ticket cost. So, I decided to purchase a new one.

After that, I found that the change of name can be done through the call centre without any charge and I successful to change it.

The question is

I have an extra ticket now. What can I do for it? Can it be cancel and refund or can I change the route without the 40 pounds charge? or someone has any better solution to minimize my cost or even better if I can get back part of the money.

Thank you very much for any suggestion.
Jayden Goh
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