(Re)printing boarding pass when away

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(Re)printing boarding pass when away

Post by bateryan on Wed 11 Jul 2012 - 10:58

Has anybody (more) suggestions how to print or reprint the Ryan Air boarding pass when you are not able to use your own printer at home e.g. because your travel starts more than 15 days before the last leg?
Ways I can think off are:
- Ask a friend using his computer, internet connection and printer;
- Look for an Internet cafe with printing facilities (Does anybody whether a printing facility is usual?);
- Look for an available wifi-network with printing facilities (I don't think printing is an usual option with this kind of networks);
- Install a pdf-printer on your laptop/netbook/etc., print to a file, copy this to (e.g.) an USB-stick and look for a printing service.
And, to be complete, pay the penalty at the check-in counter ....

What are your suggestions/experiences/comments?
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Re: (Re)printing boarding pass when away

Post by Gruenmann on Wed 11 Jul 2012 - 11:02

try to check in online your own way and then ask at the hotel/hostel, if you can print just one page very quickly. open your mail account, where you have stored your online check-in file. should be possible within 15 days Wink
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