Flight cancellation email but seats steadily being sold.

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Flight cancellation email but seats steadily being sold.

Post by Chickenlittle on Sat 1 Sep 2012 - 14:04

I received a flight cancellation email yesterday informing me that due to an operational review the Stansted to Ancona route ceases flying from 27/9/12. This is very odd as Ryanair is steadily selling flights on this route which runs every day until mid November. So if this route is cancelle, then they are selling seats on flights that do not exist.

I also tried to do a free move - and the only flight I could make a free move onto was the flight they had supposedly cancelle (29/9/12 STN - AOI 18.25). They have sold two more seats to passengers since yesterday so I am wondering whether an IT glitch has caused this email to be sent to me as last week they cancelled the Rimini flight I was on which apparently ceased flights from the 27t. Very confusing. I tried to call Ryanair and after ten minutes on hold and £1 down the drain, I emailed every address I could find - however - has anyone else had this email and can someone shed some light on this? I personally think my flight is flying - the Ancona route is too popular to shut down.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Here is an excerpt:

Option 2

Transfer free of charge onto one of alternative Ryanair flights to/from Bologna or Ancona, alternatively contact reservations regarding a free transfer to/from another Ryanair airport.

How can I transfer onto an Ancona flight if the route has been suspended??
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