BOD : Bordeaux Mérignac (France)

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BOD : Bordeaux Mérignac (France)

Post by atoutprix on Wed 13 Feb 2013 - 13:16

Bordeaux is an important town, on the French Atlantic coast.

Airport website :

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Runways :
05/23 : 3100 m
11/29 : 2415 m

Terminals :
The main terminal is quite large and spacious, with two halls (A and B).
But there is another terminal for the low-cost carriers use, on the left of the main one, it's called "Billi" (for : Bordeaux illico).
Billi is rather basic, a bit like the mp3 of Marseille : no luxe, but practical and easy (and less expensive, I guess).
After security, there is a large skyshop, bar/snack, newspapers, etc.
The arriving/departing aircraft are parked just in front, and on the same level.
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Transportation :

There is a bus service : "Jet'bus" between the airport and the main railway station of Bordeaux (Bordeaux Saint-Jean), with a few stops in between.
They are not that frequent : only every 45 minutes.
It can take from 45 to 60 minutes to make the trip (a lot of traffic lights and circles on the way !).
Price is 7 euros one way - 6 euros is you are less than 26 or over 60 of age, or a family of at least 3. Tickets are sold by the driver.
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The bus stop is in front of hall B at the airport; on the left when leaving the railway station.
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