Ryanir Credit Card Free Fight Vouchers - Rip Off or what??

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Ryanir Credit Card Free Fight Vouchers - Rip Off or what??

Post by ParperT on Wed 27 Feb 2013 - 15:22

Hi there,
I took out a Ryanair Credit Card in 2011 to take advantage of the free flight voucher scheme as I make around 4 trips Edinburgh to Tenerife each year. Unfortunately, thus far, I have not been able to tie in dates when I plan to travel, with the availability of free flights on these particular dates. OK this is the risk you take as these seats are "subject to availability".
My recent experience has been pretty pants to say the least. In December, last, I should have been sent 2 vouchers as I had spent more than enough on my Ryanair credit card over the previous 6 months to qualify.
(In December 2011, I received my vouchers which were valid from the 16th December for 8 months), therefore I was expecting my next vouchers on or around that time during December 2012. I was in a position to book flights for either February / March this year and was keen to do this.
Several days passed with no sign of the vouchers.
I phoned Ryanair and was told that I should contact the credit card company (Santander) who manage the scheme.
Over the weeks following I contacted Santander several times via the contact portal on the Ryanair Credit Card website. Each time I was given pretty vague excuses as to why my vouchers had not been sent. Eventually they arrived on the 2nd of February, however the expiry date was the 18th of August, which is not 8 months from date of receipt, (as per their terms and conditions). Simple deduction meant that the vouchers should have been issued 18th December......there's a surprise!
I last received a message from them on the 17th of February from Santander, informing of ongoing I.T. issues and treating my case with the utmost urgency.
I am not hopeful of a satisfactory conclusion here, I will certainly be cancelling my credit card in due course.
Has anyone had similar experience, and what was the outcome, I would be interested to find out.

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