Online check-in: "An Error has occurred. Please try again."

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Online check-in: "An Error has occurred. Please try again."

Post by asterisk_01 on Thu 14 Mar 2013 - 21:44

I keep getting the following message after filling out all required data for online check-in: "Error. An Error has occurred. Please try again."
This is NOT on the page where you enter your check-in data (passport etc.), like when you accidentally forget to fill out a required field - then you'd get a qualified error message like "Please insert date of birth" and stay on the same page to correct your data. Instead, I've repeatedly filled out and checked all required fields; then the next page loads (where you usually could reserve seats) and the error message appears.

I'm not a new customer, I've done this before, and have never had any problem. This time it doesn't work, and I'm clueless.

- I've tried the link from the booking confirmation mail, but also the online check-in button on the homepage
- I've tried various identification methods (reservation number plus email address plus flight destinations; email address plus flight destinations plus flight date) and I've always been recognized - confirmed flight data and passenger names are correctly shown
- I have double-checked all the data I've entered; the data is correct, and there is no qualified error message (like in the case of missing or incorrect data)
- I have ticked all necessary boxes
- The form is filled completely and correctly
- I click on the "check-in" button
- A "reminder" messagebox is shown (along the lines: Make sure your data is correct as your passports will be checked before your flight)
- I confirm
- The next page (showing the seats in the aircraft) loads ... and the error message is shown in a box: "Error. An Error has occurred. Please try again."

I have tried various browsers on various computers. I have not received any confirmation or error emails. I cannot complete the check-in process and of course I cannot print my boarding cards. I've been doing this over and over all day.

I need to get this done as I have only 2 days left. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What can I do?
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Re: Online check-in: "An Error has occurred. Please try again."

Post by Ryanairflyer on Fri 15 Mar 2013 - 13:47

A shot in the dark try using a different Internet browser- example Google Chrome.

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