anybody going to Mali Losinj on June 26th via Zadar?

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anybody going to Mali Losinj on June 26th via Zadar?

Post by nickybee on Mon 10 Jun 2013 - 9:42

I'm flying to Zadar (Croatia) from Stansted on June 26th.

The flight (FR8388) lands at 16:20 local time (Assuming it's on time)

My actual destination is Mali Losinj - and I'm having a dude come pick me up in a Cessna and take me on to Mali Losinj airport.
The flight duration is 15 minutes and it's a low level flight with plenty of visibility - an awesome way to see the croatian islands up close.

(I've flown that flight a number of times)

In any case the cessna is a 3 seater (4 including the pilot) - and I'm wondering if someone might want to tag along.
This works best if you don't have a ton of bags (for obvious reasons)

Anyway will post this elsewhere also - but there you - worth a shot I suppose Wink

(oh of course we'd split the costs - it's 320 EUR one way)
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