only first initial of middle name is on boarding pass, help!

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only first initial of middle name is on boarding pass, help!

Post by sk874158 on Tue 18 Jun 2013 - 22:30

On my Uk passport my middle name is in the given name column along with my first name for some reason so i included my middle name in the first name box when booking a flight with Ryanair. (later realised middle name was not necessary when booking even though its on my passport!)

So now the name on my boarding pass has my first and second name correct, but my middle name which as i said i included in my first name as i thought i had to has been shortened to just one initial. I know middle names are not necessary but wont they be wondering why there is a random letter between my first and second name, if im confusing you ill give an example :

imagine my middle name was john, on my boarding pass it reads as á"Jamie J Connelly" instead of "Jamie John Connelly"

My flight is in 5 days and i cant even look forward to my holiday for the fear i will be denied boarding as my boarding pass has the random initial in between my first and second name, any advice or help would be much appreciated as im very stressed and concerned about thisá

thank you !
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